Anger, Judgments & Self-Connection – 4-week series

4-week Series: Tuesday Nov 5th, 12th, 19th, 26th, 2019

7.00pm to 9.00pm

*plus* practice sessions between classes with other participants
Location: Zen Center Conference Room, Page & Laguna, San Francisco

Sliding scale pricing: $340 – $170

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“The content of Communication Dojo classes and the trainers are incredible. NVC has brought this bright sense of presence and reflection to all aspects of my life… amazing. I’m happier because I see people as curious beings. We are all doing our best out there. NVC allowed me to peel off a layer I didn’t know was there. NVC is a powerful tool everyone has access to. It is the simplest way of communicating yet for some reason it isn’t obvious until you take a moment to learn and discover. We tend to overlook these needs inside us and inside other people. Check it out, you will be amazed and inspired. ”
– K. Kittinger, San Francisco

Dealing with Anger and Negative Judgments – Your Own and Other People’s; Creating a Practice of Self-Connection

When others speak while angry you might have a hard time hearing them, even though they really want to be heard. The same is true when you speak while angry – it almost certainly means that you’ll experience less connection, more conflict, and the frustration of knowing that the way you’re communicating is really unlikely to lead to the kind of outcome you want. If I speak while angry I’ll probably end up even more angry about how effective my communication is!

In this series we’ll practice ways to make it easier to listen and stay connected, even when there is a lot of anger. We’ll also practice methods of self-connection and self-understanding that help you figure out the true message of your own anger and that of others, and to extract meaning and direction from even the most painful judgments. Get the true message of anger and I predict you’ll find it comes back less often. We’ll also look at ways to express anger when it arises rather than stuffing it inside.

The 4-week committed series format:
The Communication Dojo is a learning environment designed for everyone, regardless of prior experience with Nonviolent Communication. The 4-week committed series format is a great recipe for building skills, knowledge, and community from week to week!

Some features of the Communication Dojo:

*Efficient use of class time to maximize learning
*High proportion of practice time in pairs - learning communication by communicating.
*Minimal reliance on “jargon” i.e. language that might be confusing or alienating for those not familiar with NVC.
*Little likelihood of people developing any sense of “Doing it wrong” or “Trying to do it right.”

Connected Communication means:

  • Asking for what you want, and being able to handle a “yes” or “no” answer
  • Having fewer fights, and being able to quickly receive the GIFT from them if they do happen
  • Enjoying every-day intimacy – the joy of really knowing and being known by the people you’re closest to

and increasing your capacity to:

  • Be around conflict without panicking or collapsing
  • Support others who are going through tough times
  • Value the giving and receiving of feedback, even when it’s scary

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I want others to get these gifts and more, and to get them as quickly as possible, so I’ve created the “Working Together to Connect 4-week Committed Series.” In this series you will be able follow the Communication Dojo approach step-by-step with the same cohort of fellow students.

All you need is the desire to have an easier and more enjoyable experience of communication with those you’re close to, and more capacity to communicate with the ones you have most difficulty with currently…and a willingness to have fun while learning!

The program is suited to those who are completely new to the Communication Dojo, or those who’ve done our workshops before. No specific experience with Connected Communication (or “Compassionate Communication,” “Nonviolent Communication” etc.) is needed.

Cost: $340 – $170 sliding scale for the series. The sliding scale means that $340 for the series is what we’d love to receive to make this sustainable, and at the same time we want to offer access to those whose finances will not allow them to pay at the $340 level. If money is still an obstacle please let us know, as some trades and scholarships are sometimes available.

REGISTER HERE – Registration through Eventbrite


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