Various participants in Oakland CA workshops

“These are invaluable tools that can transform your experiences every day!
- Lisa Bilgen

“Everyone should have this experience”
- Bill Leggett

“Come. It will meet you where you’re at and give you insight & tools for going where you’d like for your next steps in the world”
- Cheri

“Communication Dojo really helped to remind me that ‘conversation’ or ‘talking’ are about actually communicating, which often is not what actually occurs. Communication Dojo workshops are time well spent achieving that goal in your daily life.”
- Ryan Murray

“I think having these skills helps you to get the things that most of us seek: connection and intimacy with people who are close to us; the ability to behave in a way we feel good about; and a way to help other people get close to those things.”
- Jennifer C.

“If you are having any difficulty with a relationship, you would be doing yourself a huge favor by taking even just one of these workshops”

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