workplace communication

Tuesdays – 4-week series – “Workplace Communication” – San Francisco – starts Apr 23rd, 2019


2019 Apr. 23, Apr. 30, May. 7, May. 14 (every week, Tue)


Eventbrite tickets available across the sliding scale $200 to $320 – this means $320 for the series makes it much more sustainable for us to offer, and we want to make access available for those whose financial situation means they’d prefer to […]


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“The Ladder Questions” – introductory instructional video

Thumbnail image for “The Ladder Questions” – introductory instructional video

Newt Bailey and Ali Miller ( play “Jason” and “Debbie.” Debbie uses the “Ladder Questions” to help Jason get more clarity on something that’s bothering him in his workplace.


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ARTICLE: W.A.I.T before you speak or hit “Send”

It can be tricky to give examples of “effective workplace communication.” We know that you can speak or send words to a co-worker, or group of co-workers, that lead to disconnection, conflict, diminished trust, and reduced workplace productivity and harmony. This can happen immediately or gradually over time with enough repetition. However, it’s not always […]


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