Written Communication – Exercise #2

Below I describe a workplace situation involving written communication. How would you reply if you were John? Use the comment field below to write in the reply you would give. In a few days I’ll add in my response as John.

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SITUATION: You’re the VP of Marketing and have invited all the employees in the company to attend a brainstorming session to discuss new ways of interacting with your client base, new products and services, and new revenue creation ideas. The company has only 15 employees and you value everyone’s opinion, and want everyone’s voice to be heard, since everyone will be affected by the decisions reached.


John – can I just miss this brainstorming session? i know how these things go – a few people going on and on about their ideas and conjectures for hours while everyone else sits around. if i’d wanted to be in marketing i wouldn’t have become an engineer. thanks for your understanding about this. Karl


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Mark L. May 10, 2018 at 6:42 am

Hi Karl,

I hear that you’re concerned the upcoming brainstorming session will be a waste of your time since marketing is an area outside of your interest and expertise. I have certainly sat through my share frustrating meetings in the past and I understand your reluctance.

However, I’d love for you to come to this one. I’m confident you’ll find this meeting engaging and will exceed your expectations.

You’re an essential part of our small company of 15 and I value your input. Your lack of background in marketing is an asset as you’ll be bringing a fresh perspective to this. I want to know what you – as an engineer – has to say about new ways of interacting with our client base, new products and services, and new revenue creation ideas. I also want to include you since you’ll be affected by the decisions we reach together.

What do you say? Will you join us?

Looking forward to seeing you there,



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