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“Connected Conversation Process” – instructional video (13 mins)


Here Ali Miller (www.alimillermft.com) and I portray a couple, Debbie and Jason, who have a mildly contentious conversation. They then try using the “Connected Conversation Process,” the foundational process of the Communication Dojo, to navigate through their conflict with greater mutual understanding and connection.      

“Connected Conversation Process” - a quick look (2 mins)

Newt Bailey and Ali Miller (www.alimillermft.com) play “Jason” and “Debbie” getting into a little conflict. Watch for a quick glimpse at how the “Connected Conversation Process” from the Communication Dojo can turn conflict into connection.

“Connected Conversation Process” runs into conflict (12 mins)

In this video we see our heroes Debbie and Jason taking on a tricky conversation in their relationship, using the Connected Conversation Process. See what happens when they start getting into conflict, and how they get back out of it.


Pause the action at any moment to ask yourself "What would I say now if I were Jason, or Debbie, in order to take the conversation in the direction of greater connection.


Try watching with your focus only on the characters, then watch again sharing you attention between the characters and the written comments on the screen.

"Stay at Home" couple use Connected Conversation Process (7 mins)

Newt and Nethra demonstrate the beginning of a conversation about an issue where there's potential for conflict and tension - but they're using the Connected Conversation Process. (Excerpt from a Monday evening online drop-in.)