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Communication Dojo
Weekly Practice Session



Wednesdays Noon - 1pm Pacific Time 

Please arrive by 12:10pm Pacific Time

If you're attending for the first time, please arrive at Noon Pacific Time, or as soon as possible after Noon. 

Here's a timezone checker:, to use if you'd like to check what time Noon (12:00pm) Pacific Time is in your timezone.


There is no financial request for this practice session.

Donations are welcome if you'd like to support us in developing this offering.

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Donation methods


We make no financial request, but certainly welcome financial contributions to support us in hosting and developing this offering. If you'd like to make a contribution, we accept payments through: 

Venmo: newtbailey or 415 694 8798


Zelle: 415 694 8798

or contact if you're unable to pay by one of these methods

Payment methods



Access information


Live online sessions - access information:


You can join the calls using the Zoom video conferencing software, available for download for free from You can also join the calls by phone. Access details below:

To Join "Zoom Meeting" video conference:

Dial by your location

        +1 669 900 6833 US (San Jose)

        +1 346 248 7799 US (Houston)

        +1 253 215 8782 US (Tacoma)

        +1 646 558 8656 US (New York)

        +1 301 715 8592 US (Washington DC)

        +1 312 626 6799 US (Chicago)

Meeting ID: 836 7609 7837

Find your local number:



"The communication dojo has been truly impactful on my life. I was surprised communication at how small tweaks in communication can change the course of a conversation and even a relationship. I would recommend this to anyone looking to make improvements in communication. My most notable progress has been with my husband, so I especially recommend it to couples." ~ Chelsea K. , San Francisco

Practice Session Description



Integrating new communication habits usually takes some practice, just like learning and integrating most other skills.


Our practice sessions let you connect with others who want to practice Nonviolent Communication (NVC) to strengthen their existing skills and/or learn new skills.


Our rotating team of coaches are there to help you with the exercises and answer your questions along the way.


We hope you will increase your capacity for self-reflection, your ability to hear others without getting defensive, and your proficiency in communicating what's most important for you to communicate.

We don't just want you to understand the skills, we want you to be able to access them when you most need them...

Who’s it for?

Everyone from first-timers to those very experienced with NVC can benefit from more practice. We provide a growing mix of exercises to choose from, so you can pick a specific skill to work on.

Who's it for?

Starting Point Document

Here's our Starting Point Document including links to instructional materials.

Extra Resources to Support Learning and Integration

Here you'll find links to handouts, videos and other resources:

Join us on Monday evenings for instruction, demonstrations and practice at the weekly Communication Dojo drop-in class:

Skills and Exercises
Extra resources


Subscribe here if you'd like to receive a weekly reminder about our Monday classes and a monthly newsletter.


The reminder email arrives around noon every Monday, to:

  • Remind you that we're meeting, or not meeting, that Monday (this is different from the Wednesday practice group)

  • Describe that Monday's topic

  • Give you the dates of at least the next 8 topics, to support you in planning which classes you're going to attend

The Monthly newsletter provides information on upcoming 4-week series workshops




Newt Bailey - Main trainer

Newt's passion is to help people connect, to experience greater intimacy, and to find the potential for mutually satisfying change that lies within conflict. He is also convinced that personal growth and change in consciousness is essential if we're to bring about the changes we want to see in our communities and our world.

Since he started studying NVC in 2005 Newt has set out to understand and share with others the essential core of NVC. He believes strongly in teaching the principles of NVC in a way that frees students from specialized language, and allows facility with connected communication to grow in small, quickly assimilated steps. The Communication Dojo is both a place where Newt teaches the NVC practices, skills and awareness he uses in his own life, and also a place where Newt introduces his newest teaching tools, resources and ideas.

Since 2006 Newt has been facilitating NVC groups, leading workshops and retreats, and developing his unique approach in public and organizational settings. Newt also attributes great steps in his personal understanding of NVC to working with prisoners and parolees. He has taught NVC, NVC mediation and NVC coaching across the USA and in Europe.

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Leeza Pesenson - Assistant trainer

Leeza is passionate about understanding how our minds work and how we connect with each other. She has a Masters in Cognitive Science and works as a User Experience Researcher by day.


Leeza fell madly in love with NVC after attending Newt’s drop-in classes in 2018 and has been a dedicated practitioner ever since. She has participated in immersion programs in NVC, Mediation, Conflict Coaching, and Inner Compass work with Oren Sofer, Roxy Manning, John Kinyon, and Arnina Kashtan. Since 2020 Leeza has assisted Newt and organized her own NVC practice and empathy groups. She is overjoyed to be sharing NVC on a larger scale as part of the Communication Dojo team.

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Taj Easton - Assistant trainer

While Taj is something of a newcomer to the field of Nonviolent Communication, he has thrown himself into the practice with extraordinary zeal and determination. Over the past year he has spent several hundred hours training in NVC with a wide range of instructors and has spent upwards of a hundred hours in facilitating classes and workshops in his community. He has a passion for exploring the power of language to deepen connection and nurture relationships and is devoted to helping others learn to communicate in ways that will enrich their lives. Taj is also a certified conflict mediator and domestic violence counselor. When he isn’t thinking about language or working to peacefully navigate conflict, he is collaborating with storytellers, cuddling his dog, reading, dancing or otherwise exploring this wonderful, awe-inspiring world.  

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