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Resources for Monday Dojo participants and other visitors! 

Build Community:

Join the Facebook alumni page

Plan an Empathy call or meeting with a fellow Communication Dojo students:

Download the PDF Empathy Call Guidelines

Empathy call video demonstration

A video showing how you might use the Empathy Call Guidelines handout in an real-life empathy call.  Please click here if you want to view it on YouTube at a larger size or even full-screen

NVC groups on Facebook

These are not groups I've used myself, so I cannot make a meaningful recommendation. However, I'm including links to them in case you'd like to investigate what they have to offer:


"NVCa" for empathy, requests & support


"NVCb"This moderated group is only for: - people who want to get started with Nonviolent Communication - people clearly posting as themselves - named volunteers/trainers


"NVCc" For conversations about applying NVC with our own children, partner and parents - discussions, mutual support, fun, mournings and delights.

Handouts and Videos:

Summary handout:

Connected Conversation Process:



You can find Connected Conversation Process videos here: