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Resources for Communication Dojo workshop participants, clients and other visitors! 

6/17/24 Handouts for online drop-in: Apology in NVC - Theory, Apology in NVC - Practice Exercise

+ Feeling and Needs lists - which you'll find in "Exercises and Tools" below


Build Community:

Join the Facebook alumni page

Plan an Empathy call or meeting with a fellow Communication Dojo students:

Download the PDF Empathy Call Guidelines

Empathy call video demonstration

A video showing how you might use the Empathy Call Guidelines handout in an real-life empathy call.  Please click here if you want to view it on YouTube at a larger size or even full-screen


NVC groups on Facebook

These are not groups I've used myself, so I cannot make a meaningful recommendation. However, I'm including links to them in case you'd like to investigate what they have to offer:

"NVCa" for empathy, requests & support

"NVCb"This moderated group is only for: - people who want to get started with Nonviolent Communication - people clearly posting as themselves - named volunteers/trainers

"NVCc" For conversations about applying NVC with our own children, partner and parents - discussions, mutual support, fun, mournings and delights.

Exercises and Tools - Handouts, Videos, Audio:

Summary handout:

Feelings list (2-page):

Needs list (1-page):


Connected Conversation Process:



You can find Connected Conversation Process videos here:


Ladder Questions for Self-Connection:

See more at



Heart-Circle Template documents for Self-Connection (especially self-connection after anger):

Feelings and needs lists are recommended when using this tool. See links to these lists above.

Mourn, Celebrate, Learn Process for Self-Connection (especially in relation to your "Inner Critic"

Needs into Action

A simple exercise to help you get out of "fight or flight" mode



Nonviolent Communication from – Audio book

Nonviolent Communication – physical book you can hold in your hand

Facebook page dedicated to quotes from Marshall:

Daylong workshop (

Research, Studies, Neuroscience:

Therapists in the Bay Area who are supportive of Nonviolent Communication

Other Bay-Area-based NVC Practitioners

Social Justice and Nonviolent Communication

In the Monday evening Communication Dojo drop-ins we do not spend a lot of time on any specific issues or on the experiences of any particular individual. Instead we work on NVC-related skill-building, habit change and shifting our consciousness, with a view to giving those in attendance greater facility with NVC regardless of the specific topic or context of a conversation.


Participants choose their own situations and topics to work on during practice exercises, and sometimes participants choose to work on issues related to social justice, or to ask questions related to NVC and social justice.

Social justice was very much at the heart of Marshall Rosenberg's work, and there are NVC events and retreats, websites and articles, where this is the specific focus. An online search will bring you to many such resources. Here are a few starting points.


Roxy Manning's site: Roxy Manning Ph.D.

Roxy Manning's blog, starting with "Viewing Needs through an equity lens"

(My connection to Roxy is that we are colleagues through Bay Area Nonviolent Communication, and have worked together)

Miki Kashtan's blog: The Fearless Heart

(My connection to Miki is that we are colleagues through Bay Area Nonviolent Communication, and have worked together)

POC4NVC is an organization for people of color who practice, innovate, and share Nonviolence and Nonviolent Communication (NVC) as a powerful way to respond to and transform racism, privilege and oppression at the individual and systemic levels.

​An article with practical suggestions on how to support an end to systemic racism: 10 Simple Ways White People Can Step Up to Fight Everyday Racism (This article is makes no reference to NVC. However, it reads to me as an article that's deeply steeped in empathy.)

Another article with practical suggestions: 75 Things White People Can Do for Racial Justice - Equality Includes You (This article is on, and is therefore may be subject to their limitations on how many articles they allow you to read per month, if you're not a paid subscriber)

A listing of black-owned businesses.

Mental Health Issues Facing the Black Community link provided by 

Edgardo Ocampo, Community Outreach Director, Sunshine Behavioral Health, Clinton Twp, MI 48038

Overcoming Addictions:

Addiction tends to diminish joy in life, over time, even if it initially brings benefit. Here’s a list of resources. (I’m not in any way affiliated with any of these organizations or companies).


There are well-known programs to help with addiction like Alcoholics AnonymousNarcotics Anonymous or for those who are, or have been, in close relationship with alcoholics Al-Anon.

A resource on quitting smoking:

Read about a new approach to addiction recovery, based on mindfulness, at The Kiloby Center


There are now a variety of growing addictions related to internet usage. Here are a few resources if you think you might be addicted to an online activity.


The FocusMe app allows you to effectively block yourself from certain sites or apps, or just to limit your time on those sites or apps. You can even create a password that you share with a friend.

This is great for limiting game playing, social media surfing, Netflix binging, pornography usage and anything else you want to limit, including particular apps on your computer.

The Your Brain on Porn site makes a strong science-based case for why you might want to serious consider removing porn usage from your life, plus a community of people who’re trying to do the same. helps those with video game addiction.

Working with Pain:

Pain can make it harder to communicate effectively. Over the years I've sought help with back pain, neck pain, wrist pain, knee pain and foot pain. I've benefitted hugely from the following resources and practitioners:

The Triggerpoint Therapy Workbook by Davies and Davies

The Roll Model by Jill Miller

Acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Herbal Medicine with Catie Lowder

Neuromuscular Therapy with Thatcher Hayward

Chiropractor - Susan Oyakawa

Feldenkrais - Online audio classes

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